Hyperledger blockchain training (Fabric and Explorer) in Geneva


Length of course: 2 days
Fee for Hyperledger blockchain course: 2900 CHF
Exam fee for Hyperledger blockchain certification: 900 CHF


Hyperledger blockchain training program



Hyperledger in detail

– Hyperledger and the Linux foundation
– Hyperledger frameworks
– Hyperledger tools

Presentation of the tools and frameworks handled during the training
Hyperledger Fabric, consortium blockchain based on channels
Practical work: assembling a local Hyperledger Fabric blockchain (docker image)
Chaincode – Hyperledger Fabric’s smart contract: the basics and languages
Presentation of development tools (VSCode, Goland, Chaincoder)

Practical work: creating a basic smart contract
Practical work: deploying smart contracts
Practical work: testing a smart contract correctly
Presentation of the practical work governing principle

Hyperledger Fabric: securing its network (Certificates and Fabric-CA, the basics)
Practical work: understanding and generating the crypto-materials for our blockchain
Hyperledger “SDK” development kits
Practical work: creating and viewing matches
Chaincode Event Listener: event management within a blockchain
Practical work: betting management

Hyperledger Explorer
Practical work: adding an organization within our blockchain
Hyperledger and the cloud (AWS, Kubernetes)
Hyperledger Composer
Future developments for Hyperledger



Teaching methods

Practical course: 60% practical, 40% theory. Course materials distributed to all participants in digital format.

Course format

The training alternates theoretical input delivered by the instructor backed up by concrete examples, brainstorming sessions and group work.


Participants sit an exam at the end of the training to check they have acquired the necessary skills.


A certificate will be awarded by the Swiss Blockchain Institute to all participants who complete the entire training.

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