Libra blockchain training in Geneva


Length of course: 12 hours
Fee for Solidity blockchain course: 1800 CHF
Exam fee for Libra blockchain expert certification: 540 CHF


Libra is an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts.

It is used to implement smart contracts on different blockchain-based platforms such as Move.

It is based on the ECMAScript syntax, making it a familiar choice for web developers.

Libra is a platform for developing decentralized applications (dApps) based on blockchain technology, without any risk of interruption, fraud or intrusion.

Move now makes it possible to program a range of applications where it is usually necessary to have a trusted third party (crowdfunding, vote, organizations, registry, etc.).

As part of this training, participants will learn how to write a smart contract using Libra.

As with all our courses, this training will introduce you to the very latest version (Move).


Libra blockchain training program



What is Libra?

– Introduction to Libra
– Basic blockchain

First contact

– Libra and its language
– Our first contract
– Structure of a Libra contract
– Basic data types and conversions

Programming with Libra

– Libra tables
– Introduction to functions
– Global variables and functions, exceptions and crypto
– Mappings, enumerations and structs
– Object orientation
– Visibility function and variable
– Constants, fallback functions and payable
– Modifiers and events function



Teaching methods

Practical course: 60% practical, 40% theory. Course materials distributed to all participants in digital format.

Course format

The training alternates theoretical input delivered by the instructor backed up by concrete examples, brainstorming sessions and group work.


Participants sit an exam at the end of the training to check they have acquired the necessary skills.


A certificate will be awarded by the Swiss Blockchain Institute to all participants who complete the entire training.

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