Stellar blockchain masterclass for developers in Geneva


Length of course: 24 hours
Fee for entire Stellar masterclass blockchain course: 4500 CHF
Exam fee for Stellar blockchain expert certification: 1620 CHF




– Experience with web development and programming
– General familiarity with Blockchain technology



Blockchain is a decentralized database system which stores data in ledgers distributed across many nodes. Stellar is an open-source distributed, hybrid blockchain infrastructure for payments.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn how to develop blockchain applications with Stellar.
By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

– Understand blockchain, its foundations, and how it works
– Understand Stellar and how it works
– Integrate Stellar into their own infrastructure
– Set Stellar up for blockchain development
– Understand advanced concepts and use reference applications to start building with Stellar


Intended audience

– Developers
– IT Professionals


Course format

– Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


Course outline:


Understanding the Blockchain Technology

– Understanding Distributed Ledgers
– What is Blockchain?
– Understanding How Blockchain Networks Work
– Understanding the Benefits of Blockchain
– Overview of Blockchain Use Cases

Understanding the Foundations of Blockchain Technology

– Symmetric Information
– Historical Integrity
– Extensible Security
– Democratic Authenticity
– Decentralization and Fault Tolerance

Understanding Stellar

– Truffle Framework
– Overview of Stellar
– Understanding the Stellar Network and How it Works
– Exploring the Applications for Stellar
– Learning the Basic Stellar Concepts

– Accounts
– Assets
– Distributed Exchange
– Federation
– Fees
– Inflation
– Ledger
– Multisignature
– Operations and List of Operations
– Stellar Consensus Protocol
– Stellar.toml
– Testnet
– Transactions
– Versioning and Upgrading

Getting Started with Stellar

– Overview of the Horizon REST HTTP API Server
– Overview of the Stellar Core
– Creating a Stellar Account
– Sending Payments
– Building Transactions
– Receiving Payments
– Transacting with Multiple Currencies

Getting familiar with the Stellar Network Using Testnet

Integrating Stellar Core and Horizon into Your Infrastructure Using Docker

– Overview of the Stellar Quickstart Docker Image
– Making Usage Decisions
– Setting Up Your Container
– Customizing Configurations of Stellar Core and Horizon
– Understanding Security Considerations
– Inspecting the Running Container
– Launching the Quickstart Container

Setting Up Stellar for Development

– Setting Up Your Database Tables and Listening to the Stellar Ledger
– Conducting Your Transactions on Stellar
– Testing Your Stellar Integration

Exploring More Advaned Stellar Concepts

– Using Channels on Stellar
– Creating Attachments on Stellar
– Implementing the Stellar Federation Protocol
– Implementing the Stellar Compliance Protocol
– Best Practices for Security in Stellar

Using Stellar Tools

– Using the Laboratory
– Using the Compliance Protocol Testing App

Using Reference Applications

– Using the Stellar Account Viewer Client
– Using the Stellar Dashboard Client
– Using the Stellar SMS Client


Summary and Conclusion



Teaching methods

Practical course: 60% practical, 40% theory. Course materials distributed to all participants in digital format.

Course format

The training alternates theoretical input delivered by the instructor backed up by concrete examples, brainstorming sessions and group work.


Participants sit an exam at the end of the training to check they have acquired the necessary skills.


A certificate will be awarded by the Swiss Blockchain Institute to all participants who complete the entire training.

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